Title Loans Lewiston, Idaho

You need money in a hurry, so where do you turn? While it’s great to have people close to you with the funds to share when you need help, borrowing money from a friend or loved one can strain a relationship. A better option to consider is getting a title loan.

What are Title Loans Lewiston?

Like loans you would get at a bank, title loans in Lewiston provide money to consumers who need cash for personal needs. Unlike bank loans, title loans are processed very quickly and with less paperwork. There is also no credit check. That means whatever is in your credit report, good or bad, has no impact on you getting a title loan. As long as you have a car, truck or motorcycle to use as collateral, and you’re willing to let the lender keep the time during the loan period, you have a good chance of being approved.


The vehicle used must be owned by the applicant. It should be paid off and have a clear title. The applicant’s name should be on registration paperwork.

You need a job or some other income stream. If you don’t work, your income could be from retirement benefits, unemployment payments, or another source.

Legally, you need to be at least 18 to apply for and get title loans in Lewiston.

Title Loans Lewiston Applications

Your car’s make, model, year and style determine its value. There may be a few other things that affect the value, such as upgrades you’ve made to the vehicle, but we use the basic information to give you a loan quote. When we work out the particulars of your loan, you can let us know if your car has any added value, and the loan estimate could change. Once everything is finalized, we give you cold, hard cash.

Legal Information

  • On the third renewal and all renewals after that, the customer must pay at least 10 percent of the loan’s principal balance.
  • Title loans may be canceled by the borrower if they do so within one business day of taking the funds. All money borrowed must be paid back at this time.
  • Lenders are required to give some advanced notice before repossessing a vehicle. They must give 10 days notice before selling the vehicle.
  • Money from sold vehicles goes to the lender to recover their loan money and other costs. Excess money from the sale goes to the borrower.

Title Loan Benefits

If you want money fast, title loans in Lewiston are the way to go. With our short application, you just give us a few details about you and the vehicle you’re pledging for the loan, and you’re done. All it takes is a few minutes, and you get a quick loan quote. Before you know it, the entire loan package is worked out, and you are accepting the money. Most of our clients get their cash in 24 hours or less.

Another great thing about title loans is that there is no credit check. Title lenders actively support the people traditional lenders have turned away time and again. Those are the consumers who have lower credit scores, bad credit and bankruptcies. While it may be nearly impossible for them to get a loan at a bank, they are highly likely to be approved for title loans in Idaho. That’s because title loans are approved for people with a vehicle to secure the loan.

Title loans are renewable, which is great for those borrowers whose loan term ends before they finish making payments.


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