Title Loans Twin Falls, Idaho

Running low on money is bad, but running out can be devastating, especially if you need to pay the utility bill and buy food. Instead of hoping for a miracle, make your own by looking at alternative lending. Title loans are a great financial resource because they are easy to get and payout is fast.

What are Title Loans Twin Falls?

Title loans in Twin Falls are loans given by non-traditional lenders to people who use cars as collateral. By using their personally-owned vehicle, the borrower gives the lender confidence that the loan will be paid back. If the loan is not paid back the borrower risks losing their property, and no one wants that, so there is incentive to honor the loan agreement. While paying off the loan, the lender keeps the vehicle’s title. They give it back when all payments are made. Because collateral is such a key part of title loans, there is no need for a credit check. So, when you apply, don’t worry if your FICO score is on the low side.

To qualify for title loans in Twin Falls, you need to be at least 18 and have an income. This can be from a job, unemployment benefits, retirement payments or another source. The vehicle used does need to have a clear title, and the applicant’s name should appear as the owner on the registration.

Title Loans Twin Falls Applications

If you’re still wondering if title loans in Twin Falls are a good option for you, just fill out the application to see how much money you can get using your car, truck or motorcycle as collateral. When you submit the application, we give you the estimate. There is no requirement to take the loan, but if you want the money, we can set up a loan package to meet your specific needs. It’s all based on the collateral you put up, so don’t worry about us prying into your credit history. All you have to do is decide when to collect your cash.

Idaho Legal Information

Borrowers have the option to renew loans after their original loan term, which lasts 30 days. If they renew for a third time, they must pay 10 percent of the loan principal, and they must pay 10 percent for each subsequent renewal. Borrowers do have the option to rescind a title loan if they do so within one business day of accepting the original loan funds. They must pay back all funds when they cancel the loan.

Lenders must give borrowers notice before repossessing a vehicle, but the state does not specify how much notice. However, before selling the repossessed vehicle, lenders are required to give the borrower 10 days notice.


  • You get money, and you get it fast. Most title loans are processed and distributed in less than a day.
  • The process is easier and shorter than at a traditional lender where loan processing can take weeks.
  • There is no credit check because you are using collateral to get the loan. All credit types are welcome and have an equal chance of getting title loans in Idaho.
  • You won’t have to beg or borrow from people you know. That saves you the embarrassment of publicly discussing your money problems.
  • You get to stop stressing out over not having enough money to pay for what you need.
  • If you need additional time to pay off the loan, we can renew it for you.
  • You get to keep your car while paying back the loan.
  • Interest rates are competitive and lower than similar types of lending options.

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